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Friction materials and braking systems

Oil & gas

The drilling sector in the oil and gas field plays a central role in the extraction of vital energy resources for global supply. This complex activity requires the use of advanced equipment and technologies for drilling wells, exploring oilfields and recovering hydrocarbon from the sub-soil.
Our offer focuses on top-quality components and materials, designed to withstand extreme conditions and corrosive environments typical of drilling operations. From braking solutions for drilling equipment to rigid plates for offshore applications, we are committed to guaranteeing reliable, safe services.
We have developed materials that withstand mechanical stress and adverse environmental conditions during drilling. Our range of products includes high-performance braking systems, such as: rigid plates, industrial pads, brake rings and discs, specific brake blocks for perforating and drilling, brake blocks for drawworks in materials like SWR, RCI, 704 + SWR, combined brake-clutch unit as well as drawwork performed for conical clutch.
All these solutions are designed to meet the specific demands of the applications in the oil & gas drilling sector.


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