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Friction materials and braking systems


First came the wheel

It was a great day when man… realised that a “round object” could roll and, if mechanically modified, could transport material, right up to the transportation of man himself. The Sapiens, happily an eccentric genius, was carried from one place to another without getting tired, dreaming of a rosy and prosperous future… until one day he felt the strong urge to brake!!

Then came the brake block

It was no longer sufficient to shout “Stop!” to the slaves. Also because the use of animals and the increased speed had given Martin the perception, after the first few frightening blows to the head, that another force was at play and absolutely had to be checked out: the force of inertia. This was how the first brakes were invented, such as the “brake block” (brake block on animal-pulled vehicles like carts, carriages etc., manually activated using a screw mechanism or rope and pulley system). Basically, two materials forcefully thrust one towards the other, creating friction. Hence the brake was invented. This was a good thing.


From that day onwards, there has been no let up. The more advanced everyday or professional vehicles become where force, power and speed are expressed, the more the brakes become sophisticated and efficient.

Nowadays, friction materials can withstand extremely high temperatures and heavy loads, as is the case with “Formula One” or “bridge cranes” or more simply a “mountain bike”. It is all in proportion and has all been researched…safety is at stake.


Clients and their needs are our core-business. Thanks to our laboratory and the expertise of our network of partners and suppliers, we can always satisfy our clients, both when a renewal is requested or when we have to design and create a prototype, or test and launch the production of a material or completely new braking system.