IMA s.r.l.

Friction materials and braking systems


The wind sector is an essential stage in the transition towards more sustainable sources of energy, making the most of the wind’s kinetic energy to produce electricity. The modern technology of wind turbines is at the forefront in optimising energy efficiency and output.
Our presence in this sector involves friction materials specifically designed and built to withstand high temperatures and the considerable force in play, simultaneously keeping wear to a minimum.
We offer pads that are organic, bespoke complete with metal support and wear-resistant cable. We also supply pads in sinter, complementary to the most common brands used in the wind sector.
The company’s expert knowledge and vast experience allow us to assist clients both with new projects and with on-going ones, offering bespoke hydraulic/pneumatic/manual brake callipers. As well as this, we provide rigid plates, roll linings and brake rings and discs.
At our internal laboratory, we perform certified and accurate renewals of worn parts of braking material, equally offering replacement services of parts on the brake callipers. With our constant commitment to excellence and customisation of solutions, we contribute to supporting the wind sector in its continuous growth and innovation.


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