IMA s.r.l.

Friction materials and braking systems


Modern naval construction uses advance technologies and innovative materials to guarantee maximum reliability, safety and optimal performance of the boats. Ships for commercial, military and offshore use require specific solutions to withstand the challenges of demanding naval conditions, like corrosion, dynamic loads and temperature variations.
As part of the marine sector, our presence aims to focus on the supply of components and materials specifically designed to meet the unique needs of this industry. We supply braking systems and friction materials capable of combating wear caused by sea environment, guaranteeing safety and reliability during naval operations.
We have developed special compounds designed to deal with mechanical stress and marine environment conditions, guaranteeing high performance and long life over time. Our range of products includes braking systems, pads and discs, all designed to overcome the specific challenges of marine applications. Furthermore, we actively support the marine sector by offering bespoke solutions.
At IMA, we have put together friction materials specifically designed for the marine sector, where water and salt can cause problems to braking parts. Our materials maintain their braking strength and resistance to wear without being subject to oxidisation. They can be easily integrated through riveting and hot vulcanisation.


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