IMA s.r.l.

Friction materials and braking systems


The hydroelectric sector plays a key role in the production of renewable energy, making the most of water power to generate electricity cleanly and sustainably. This approach is of crucial importance in the path towards more eco-compatible sources, contributing significantly to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and to the promotion of sustainable energy practices.
Our active involvement in the hydroelectric industry translates into specialist solutions, carefully designed to meet the specific demands of the strategic industry.
We provide top-performing braking components and friction materials specifically conceived to withstand extreme environmental conditions and mechanical stress which characterise the functioning of hydroelectric turbines.
With the development of suitable and performing compounds, characterised by limited wear and considerable mechanical resistance, we guarantee durability and efficiency over time.
Our materials keep their integrity over the course of their use, avoiding crystallisation phenomena, and presenting compounds without metallic dust inside, ensuring efficient and long-lasting working.


Our fields of application